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About Heaven Hair Extensions

Gone are the chemicals, glues, pre-bonded wax glues (cold fusion), sewn in wefts & heat, all of which, however expertly applied, can cause damage to the hair & scalp!

Connections Hair Extensions is the new pure system to hit the UK and is 100% safe

As Market leaders, Connections Hair Extensions have developed a hair attachment system that combines the attachment and the hair, in one streamlined design. Compressioned gently on the hair, the Connections uses no adhesive, heat, glue or solvents yet holds totally secure and does not cause shredding unlike other ‘ring’ systems.

With the latest technology at hand, we have created a completely re usable hair extension system which can be re used up to 3 times after the first application, lasting up to 1 year with proper care and maintenance

  • 100% Highest quality human hair
  • Do not damage the natural hair
  • Safe to wear
  • Secure to wear
  • Lengths from 14″ to 22″

Prices starting from £350

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The Connections Hair Extension System

Our system is called ‘connections’ not microrings

Our system uses a small metal ring which has the hair wrapped inside and out covering the metal and cushioning the hair. Simplifying the process, you hair is individually threaded through the ring and the ring is compressed to secure the extension to the hair preventing slippage. This system is not a micro ring. The main differences are: our rings are cut with a lathe not from a tube. This ensures zero damage and no sharp edges. Micro rings can cause ‘chaffing’ or ‘shredding’ from the sharp edges which will mean cuticle roughening leading to breakage. Our rings are tapered meaning the compression is tighter at one end. The metal ring is wrapped in hair matched to your own colour ensuring the metal ring does not come into contact with your natural hair. The compression is hair on hair NOT hair on metal as with other ring systems.

Our system should never be compared to a micro ring in quality however the attachment process is similar.

A full head of extensions can normally be applied in 2-3 hours versus a glue system that has been known to take all day.
A full head costs approximately £350 to £650 as opposed to thousands of pounds and this is solely as the time to install is so much quicker. A price will be confirmed after initial consultation.
Maintenance is an important part of any extension process regardless of glue or ring.
It is normal for everybody to loose or ‘shed’ approximately 100 hairs per day. This is normal as you have more new hair growing to replace these. The naturally ‘shedded’ hairs are normally brushed away, fall to the floor or often clients say their bath plug is blocked with hair or clothes are covered. This is perfectly normal however when you have extensions, the hair that would normally shed, is trapped in the bond or ring. It’s not unheard of for 2/3rd’s of the hair in an extension to actually be ‘shedded’ hair. Don’t be alarmed. Part of the maintenance process is to open the reusable ring, comb out the loose hair that has naturally shed, and re position the ring closer to the scalp as it would have grown down at approx 1/2 an inch per month. This also avoids any undue weight on the roots of the natural hair. With a glue alternative, this process would mean using an acetone to dissolve the glue, (not good for the hair) removing the bonds, re gluing the extensions, removing the glue from your natural hair, then re attaching the extensions. This would have taken many hours!. With our extensions, the whole process is approx. 1-2 hours and costs approximately £50 depending on how well you’ve maintained them. Its vitally important you have maintenance as lack of maintenance will almost certainly lead to the hair matting and then causing damage during the process of combing the knots and matting out.

Maintenance must be part of a 2 to 3 month routine. The more you look after your extensions, the longer they will last and the nicer they will look.

With the correct maintenance, the extensions will last up to 1 year. Natural hair has oil from the scalp ‘feeding’ the hair keeping it supple, soft and shiny. Extensions do not have this ‘feed’ so you must moisturise them artificially. This is simply by upgrading your shampoo and conditioner to an appropriate product. We will always advise our clients to use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner and always do a treatment at least once a week. On top of this you must use heat protection spray and although its fine to use ghd’s and hairdryers, you must take care not to dry the extensions out and leave them looking like straw. You will leave with beautiful extensions but how you look after them will greatly affect how long they last and how they look.
If you have hilights we suggest you do the following: have a full head of hilights before your extensions are installed. We are only able to hilight the hair that does not have the extensions in once they are installed. In practical terms that means once you’ve had your extensions in we can hilight through the parting, around the hairline but not the main body of your hair. This is normal at Heaven anyway as we would normally do a full head of hilights followed by a t-section. By the time your full head of hilights needs redoing, this would coincide with your maintenance and we would remove your extensions during maintenance and re attach after your hilights. If you have a full head colour (not hilights), we can colour as normal but not using a bleach or bleach type product as this will damage the rings and could cause weakening and breaking.
All you need to do is Pop into the salon for a free consultation & colour match. This is done with our extension technician Stephanie. You will need to pay for the hair at this point as it is ‘your hair’. That is between £250 to £550 depending on the length required. There is a remaining £100 fee upon instalation. If ordered on the same day we can normally get the hair within 3-4 days! The only other costs are if you want them cut and styled. A lot of ‘extensionists’ won’t cut extensions. This is merely as they don’t have the skills. Don’t be duped by this. Extensions can look amazing just like natural hair however they need to be treated and installed professionally and cut with LOVE!